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Sunday Stills, the next challenge: Bridges

Collapsed Skagit River bridge, on Interstate - 5,

Collapsed Skagit River bridge, on Interstate – 5,

Sunday Stills asks for a bridge of any kind. This one was a functioning bridge until it collapsed. It is back functioning again but it was a major headache for a while as it is part of Interstate 5 that ties the West Coast with British Columbia, Canada.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning!

Michelle’s Weekly Challenge brings up the sun over Alaska on a recent fishing trip to Haida Gwai, British Columbia. And yes, the fishing was great – salmon and halibut galore.

Sunrise over Gulf of Alaska

Daily Prompt: On the Edge

I took Michelle’s initial statement of “on the Edge” literally and the photo below is truly on the edge. This is the Langara Point Lighthouse situated on the north west corner of Langara Island which is the northern most island of Haida Gwai, formerly The Queen Charlotte islands of British Columbia, Canada. This is not only on the edge of the island as you can see from the rock face in front, the next stop to the West is Japan or maybe Korea if you head a bit more north. This is the last continuously manned lighthouse in Canada, all others are automated. Tours are available with tea served but access is by helicopter only.

Langara Point LIghthouse