Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Close Ups

With Cee’s new “C” challenge, I offer a few recent closeups of some big animals at The Olympic Wildlife Preserve in Squim Washington. This preserve is what used to be used by the Walt Disney Productions to house the wild animals they used in movies. It is now in new hands but maintained by original caretakers.

We have Llamas, Yaks, Grizzly bears, European White Deer, and American Bison (buffalo).


Sunday Stills, the next challenge: Rivers and Creeks

The largest dam removal project in  American history began in 2011 on the Elwha River on the Olympic Peninsula in Northwest Washington State. Since then two dams were removed, allowing the river to run free for the first time in over 100 years. The slides show what’s left of the Gline’s Canyon dam and Lake Mills that it backed up. Being freed, the river now runs naturally and you can see much of the debris that washed down from the lake when the dam was first breached. The later pictures show it in its more natural state. Several species of Wild Pacific Salmon have already found their way back up the river to their primordial spawning grounds.


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So earlier I posted a wooden bench for Jude’s Bench Series. It was a northwest indian depiction of salmon holding up the seat of the bench. Since then I found two other wooden benches, one with a fish and a bear and the other as a Momma Bear and a cub bear. These I found on a tour of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. Sorry for the quality, they were iphone shots in bad lighting.



The Daily Post: Scale, Mt. Stuart and Wind turbines

Michelle W. has called for a study of scale this week. My entry was taken recently of Mt. Stuart, located in the Cascades Mountains of Washington State. At 9, 416 feet above sea level, its claim to fame is that it is the largest chunk of exposed granite in the contiguous US forty-eight states. Here it rises above the fog-filled Kittitas Valley of Eastern Washington with wind turbines shown in the middle ground left.
2015-01-26 eastern.wa 001