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A Photo a Week Challenge: Patience

 There are few critters more patient than the Great Blue Heron. They wait and wait until their dinner comes to them.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned

Cheri has chosen “Abandoned” as the Weekly Photo Challenge Word of the week. So, here are some abandoned items from yesteryear that were once useful and even indispensable. But now they are relegated to the junk pile or parking lot. It is rather sad to see them just sit and deteriorate.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: The Hue of You

Cheri’s challenge this week is of Hues. As it is fall time and the foliage is turning wonderful colors, my neighborhood is filled with red hues. We also have fog this time of year so now we have red foliage in the fog, along with a deer wandering through yards in search of apples.

maple foliage in fog

maple foliage in fog

2013-10-18 photo class 007

2013-10-18 photo class 006

Deer eating apples in fog

Deer eating apples in fog

Fog droplets on Hydrengea

Fog droplets on Hydrengea

Weekly Photo Challenge: From Lines to Patterns

Following Cheri’s Weekly Photo Challenge, here are a couple of linear rock formations from around Mt. Baker in Washington State. They have been pushed around however since being laid down as lava several thousand years ago.

andesite platy jointshref=””>Andresite joints

Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways

> Table Mt.

Table Mt.

Cheri, This is a great exercise following your lesson the other day. These two shots are of the same mountain but give very different impressions. One is a rather sterile snow covered mesa-like mountain whereas the other more landscape view provides context and shows that this is an area for fun and recreation where people walk around and enjoy the snow in mid summer. The exercise makes you think about what the various views convey to the viewer.