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Daily Prompt: Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Here is an invention that I assume was meant for travel but then….? I found it out in the farm country of Eyrika Flats in Eastern Washington as a piece of “yard art.” Well, somebody invented it.

Erekea Flats wagon

Daily Prompt: Pants on Fire, Fake

The objects in these photos, while not actual fakes are also not what they might appear to be. Many people, myself included until recently thought they were real fossils of ancient palm trees. 50 million years ago this area was a subtropical swamp with palm trees and related vegetation. However, geologists have now concluded that they are a sort of oddity caused by some arcane geochemistry processes. They are called “concretions,” as in becoming concrete-like.

These concretions are found at Clark Point in Chuckanut Bay near Bellingham Washington. Concretion 1


Daily Prompt: On the Edge

I took Michelle’s initial statement of “on the Edge” literally and the photo below is truly on the edge. This is the Langara Point Lighthouse situated on the north west corner of Langara Island which is the northern most island of Haida Gwai, formerly The Queen Charlotte islands of British Columbia, Canada. This is not only on the edge of the island as you can see from the rock face in front, the next stop to the West is Japan or maybe Korea if you head a bit more north. This is the last continuously manned lighthouse in Canada, all others are automated. Tours are available with tea served but access is by helicopter only.

Langara Point LIghthouse