Travel theme: Edge

2014-01-05 CDN MTS 025Edges are cool and can be beautiful or even scary. Here is a shot of some edgy mountains on the edge of the sea.


6 thoughts on “Travel theme: Edge

    1. rasklein Post author

      Thanks Gunta,

      The shot was taken from Boulevard Park on Bellingham Bay facing pretty much north. The mountains are in British Columbia, just over the border and are part of the canadian Cascades. It is compressed since I used a 300mm lens that makes the mountains seem in the back yard. I have some others taken the winter where to mountains are pink just before sundown. For me these are kind of like your beach access with rarely a bad shot.


      1. Gunta

        Thanks for the reply. There’s a lot to be said for being familiar with an scenic area, knowing where to catch the great shots and when. Had a stepson living in Bellingham for awhile. We visited there once, but had too much on the agenda to explore or photograph. It looks beautiful!

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