Capture the Colour photo blogging challenge

I am very pleased that Lisa at Northwest Frame of Mind nominated me to participate in this year’s Capture the Colour photo blogging challenge. Seeing last year’s winners is rather humbling. They were incredible. So, for what it is worth, here are my entries:

July sunset Red sky at night, Sailors’ Delight

Roche Harbor Blue Waters of Roche Harbor

solstice sunset Yellow Summer Solstice Sunset

Nooksack Falls
White Water at Nooksack Falls

Ferns and Green Leafs of the Trillium

Below are five of my many favorites from WP: I hope they can participate as I know they have ample and spectacular  material.


Tuxedo Sophisticated Cat


Anil Cm

Travels and Trifles


8 thoughts on “Capture the Colour photo blogging challenge

  1. Gunta

    Your trilliums are gorgeous. They’re one of my favorite signs of spring. So very, very lovely. That first shot is one of those skies that’s beautiful, but a bit spooky at the same time. Such great choices!

    Thanks ever so much for the nod, but I seem to be up to my ears at the moment. Barely keeping up with posting, commenting, replying. Not finding enough hours in the day.

    1. rasklein Post author

      Sorry you are so busy, but then busy is good too. Until you mentioned it, I had not seen the spookiness in the red sky. Now it get the sense of almost foreboding from the sheer size and the redness.


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