Weekly Challenge: The Sea (part 3)

In response to Maralee’s Weekly Challenge: The Sea, I posted some shots of my adventures aboard the Sailing Ship “Lady Washington” cruising on Bellingham Bay this summer. This ship is the one used in the recent movies, Pirates of Carribean starring Johnny Depp.

Here is the Lady Washington:

> The Lady Washington

Here is some of the rigging. Do you “know your ropes?”

The Rigging

The Top Sail is now flying and full of air.l

full sails

And this is the Hawaiian Chieftain, The Lady’s sailing companion:

The Hawaiian Chief

They are heading to the yard arm:

Heading for the crows nest

That’s some tight (or loose) rope walking to get the sails furled.

furling the sails


11 thoughts on “Weekly Challenge: The Sea (part 3)

    1. rasklein Post author

      The star effect was sheer accident. I think it was a function of shooting at a particular angle of the sun. I’ve had it before when shooting on snow.

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