Daily Prompt: Pants on Fire, Fake

The objects in these photos, while not actual fakes are also not what they might appear to be. Many people, myself included until recently thought they were real fossils of ancient palm trees. 50 million years ago this area was a subtropical swamp with palm trees and related vegetation. However, geologists have now concluded that they are a sort of oddity caused by some arcane geochemistry processes. They are called “concretions,” as in becoming concrete-like.

These concretions are found at Clark Point in Chuckanut Bay near Bellingham Washington. Concretion 1



7 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Pants on Fire, Fake

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  5. mflahertyphoto

    Nice! They certainly do look like palms on the outside. Of course without an internal structure no geologist worth his salt would actually publish on this. A lot of geology boils down to the fact that there is more than one possible interpretation. Usually it takes detailed study to narrow it down, and often it’s never possible to narrow it to one interpretation.

    1. rasklein Post author

      THey pretty much nailed it now, mostly from lack any evidence of fossil trees. They do have real palm fossils from the same general area that look nothing like this concertion.



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